COBETRACO SHIPPING was created in 2014 by the commercial group « GROUPE OUSSOU« . Our business as « BENIN COMPANY OF TRANSIT AND CONSIGNATION« , resides in the importation of consumables, new and used vehicles, consignment, shipping, transit and all other related activities. COBETRACO SHIPPING AGENCY manages and processes container and bulk carriers and an extensive network of regular lines, tramping and logistics support through its network of partners.

Our strength lies in the recognition of many shipowners, traders and port authorities. of the
personal relationships with the world of bulk food and terminal managers allow us to offer the best
service to our customers’ ships when they arrive in the port.

Expertise: Thanks to our network, our partners we have acquired expertise in the maritime domain that we
allows you to offer the best offers and the best time.
The Service: From the implementation of the solution to the execution on time, our contract is to take into account
charge the entire operation with the obligation of the final result in mind.
The Human: Respect for the human person, society strives, through awareness programs and training,
to identify and treat at-risk situations to avoid accidents and injuries and relies first and foremost on efforts and
vigilance of each.